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Board Engagement

Board of Directors of a billion-dollar private company required subject matter expertise and leadership to advise on a strategic shift to company goals. Our management consultants led the selection process for organizational realignment and partnered with large consulting firms to deploy and implement while remaining an advisor to the Board. 


International Expansion

Advised the executive leadership on expansion efforts into the United States, including providing strategic guidance on acquisition as well as growth via redesigned sales prospects. Our consultants negotiated new markets via partnerships and direction for business development opportunities. 

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C-Suite Partnership

As an advisor to the CEO, partnered with the executive team to identify strategic opportunities for growth as well as the development of leadership team dynamics including communication and collaboration. Our consultants remain a part of the leadership team as a sounding board for ongoing support. 


Industry Expert

As deep subject matter experts, our experienced executives continue on various boards and committees to stay connected with their respective industries. In addition, they are sought after by regulators and agencies to provide subject matter expertise for complex problems and solutioning. 

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